The Rhodesian Viscount Massacres – inspiration for the 9/11 Twin Towers attack?



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There are many who deride Social Media as useless. But I for one have found it wonderful. You see I grew up in a place called Rhodesia…then Zimbabwe-Rhodesia…then just Zimbabwe. Now known as the basket-case of A-FREAK-A – run by a brutal idiot puppet for the Chinese – aka Robert Mugabe.

Much is said of the Jewish Diaspora…and I have great sympathy with them. Yet make no mistake – when it comes to a cultural genocide one of the greatest such accomplishments has been by Socialism – and the actual genocide I speak of on this occasion has been that of “Rhodesia”…it’s like the latter-day ‘None Dare Whisper It’s Name…’ for fear of some Numpty suggesting we were all Colonial Upper Class White Supremacists with cut crystal accents and a family seat in the Home Counties of England. Such rot! Or that we were all Harbingers of Hatred for our black brethren…you name it I have faced it all – and faced it DOWN til the idiot lies whimpering in the corner, licking their wounds.

None of this is true; our army was made up of quite a few “white” volunteers AND a majority of National Service conscripts; all men aged from 16-60 had to do National Service – which totaled some 30% of the armed forces – the other 70% of OUR defense forces was black – and they were ALL were volunteers!

On social media – mostly, is where you will find an extraordinary group of diverse people from a land few, if not from Africa, could find on a map…

You can no longer GO there – you’d need a time machine; the place I grew up was a paradise – ironic that it was also a ‘war zone’; and we all know the political winners of the war write the history…or do they?

Through facebook and other means I have reconnected with many of my fellow “Rhodies”.

Some aren’t worth a hill of beans – some seek to make more of their service to the land than they did – and some, quietly, have been starting the ‘Big Wheel Spinning…’ enter one amazing man called Keith Nell; author of Viscount Down.

Some would say quietly unassuming – some who’ve shared a meal will say an epic cook – his children taunt him for his lack of hair now – I tease him about the spider in his bath – due to his recounting of a story about this HUGE spider that had me laughing for weeks!

You see Mr Nell is not just an author…a loving husband and father to a brood of six; nor is he just a septuagenarian living out his last days in comfort in Africa. Keith is a quietly dynamic legend. He wrote a book called Viscount Down (see his website he tells the TRUE story of an SAS Operator (Yes…he is that man. Never mind about him – it’s the story that matters!) who tracked down and delivered justice to those who brought down 2 Air Rhodesia passenger airliners full of innocent men, women and children; and on one sad occasion those Communist-backed terrorists brutally murdered some of the survivors…shot and bayoneted them to death!

How we HOWLED with righteous indignation when we learned that!

Well, remember the worldwide furore over 9/11?

For us…nothing! The Deafening Silence…no condemnation from ANY Government leaders, nor from the Church of England or Rome; nor Rabbis, or Imams; Not a breath of it from the United Nations; No Amnesty International
Have a look at the sermon delivered by our own Very Reverend Dean da Costa…  for which, the Anglican church sacked him! Yes that’s amazing isn’t it…

Transcript of taped broadcast


“Clergymen” I am frequently told, “should keep out of politics. I thoroughly agree. For this reason, I will not allow politics to be preached in this Cathedral. Clergy have to be reconcilers. That is no easy job. A Minister of religion who has well known political views, and allows them to come to the fore, cannot reconcile, but will alienate others and fail in the chief part of his ministry. For this reasons I personally am surprised at there being two clergymen in the Executive Council. It is my sincere prayer that they can act as Christ’s ambassadors of reconciliation. My own ministry began in Ghana, where Kwame Nkrumah preached: ‘Seek ye first the political kingdom, and all these things will be added to you.’ We know what became of him. We are not to preach a political kingdom, but the kingdom of God.

Clergy are usually in the middle, shot at from both sides. It is not an enviable role. Yet times come when it is necessary to speak out, and in direct and forthright terms, like trumpets with unmistakable notes. I believe that this is one such time.

Nobody who holds sacred the dignity of human life can be anything but sickened at the events attending the crash of the Viscount ‘Hunyani’. Survivors have the greatest call on the sympathy and assistance of every other human being. The horror of the crash was bad enough but that this should have been compounded by murder of the most savage and treacherous sort leaves us stunned with disbelief and brings revulsion in the minds of anyone deserving the name ‘Human’. This bestiality, worse than anything in recent history stinks in the nostrils of heaven.

But are we deafened with the voice of protest from nations which call themselves ‘civilised’? We are not! Like men, in the story of the Good Samaritan, they ‘pass by on the other side’. One listens for loud condemnation by Dr. David Owen, himself a medical doctor, trained to extend mercy and help to all in need. One listens and the silence is deafening.

One listens for loud condemnation by the President of the United States, himself a man from the Bible Baptist belt and again the silence is deafening.

One listens for loud condemnation by the Pope, by the Chief Rabbi, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, by all who love the name of God. Again the silence is deafening.

I do not believe in white supremacy. I do not believe in black supremacy either. I do not believe that anyone is better than another, until he has proved himself to be so. I believe that those who govern or who seek to govern must prove themselves worthy of the trust that will be placed in them. One looks for real leadership: one finds little in the Western world; how much less in Africa!

Who is to be blamed for this ghastly episode? Like Pontius Pilate, the world may ask ‘What is truth’? What is to be believed? That depends on what your prejudices will allow you to believe, for then no evidence will convince you otherwise.

So who is to be blamed? First, those who fired the guns. Who were they? Youths and men who, as likely as not, were until recently in Church Schools. This is the first terrible fact. Men who went over to the other side and in a few months were so indoctrinated that all they had previously learned was obliterated. How could this happen if they had been given a truly Christian education?

Secondly, it is common knowledge that in large parts of the world violence is paraded on T.V. and Cinema Screens as entertainment. Films about war, murder, violence, rape, devil possession, and the like are ‘good box office’. Peak viewing time is set aside for murderers from Belfast, Palestine, Europe, Africa and the rest, to speak before an audience of tens of millions. Thugs are given full treatment, as if deserving of respect. Not so their victims’ relations.

Who else is to be blamed? I am sure that the United Nations and their Church equivalent, the W.C.C. both bear blame in this. Each parades a pseudo morality which, like all half truths, is more dangerous than the lie direct. From the safety and comfort of New York and Geneva, high moral attitudes can safely be struck. For us in the sweat, the blood, the suffering, it is somewhat different.

Who else? The Churches? Oh yes, I fear so! For too long, too many people have been allowed to call themselves ‘believers’ when they have been nothing of the kind. Those who believe must act. If you believe the car is going to crash, you attempt to get out. If you believe the house is on fire. you try to get help and move things quickly. If you believe a child has drunk poison, you rush him to the doctor. Belief must bring about action. If you believe in God you must do something about it! Yet churches, even in our own dangerous times are more than half empty all the time. We are surrounded by respectable heathens who equate belief in God with the Western way of life.

In many war areas, Africans are told to ‘burn their Bibles’. If this call was made to us, what sort of Bibles would be handed in? Would they be dog eared from constant use; well thumbed and marked? Or would they be pristine in their virgin loveliness in the same box in which they were first received?

There are tons of millions of all races who call themselves believers who never enter any house of prayer and praise. Many are folk who scream loudest against Communism, yet do not themselves help to defeat these Satanic forces, by means of prayer, and praise, and religious witness. For make no mistake, if our witness were as it ought to be, men would flock to join our ranks. As it is, we are by passed by the world as if irrelevant.

Is anyone else to be blamed for this ghastly episode near Kariba? I think so. Politicians throughout the world have made opportunistic speeches from time to time. These add to the heap of blameworthiness for a speech can cause wounds which may take years to heal. The ghastliness of this ill fated Flight from Kariba will be burned upon our memories for years to come. For others, far from our borders it is an intellectual matter, not one which affects them deeply. Here is the tragedy! The especial danger of Marxism is its teaching that human life is cheap, expendable, of less importance than the well being of the State.

But there are men who call themselves Christians who have the same contempt for other human beings, and who treat them as being ‘expendable’. Had we who claim to love God shown more real love and understanding in the past, more patience, more trust of others, the Churches would not be vilified as they are today.

I have nothing but sympathy with those who are here today, and whose grief we share. I have nothing but revulsion for the less than human act of murder which has so horrified us all. I have nothing but amazement at the silence of so many of the political leaders of the world. I have nothing but sadness that our Churches have failed so badly to practise what we preach. May God forgive us all and may He bring all those who died so suddenly and unprepared, into the light of his glorious Presence,

Earlier this year a man called Richard Oldridge drafted something called an Early Day Motion – a tool for the 650 UK Members of Parliament to sign…In the end – 6 – yes, less than 1%…did so!

“This House notes that 12 February 2013 will mark the 34th anniversary of the shooting down of Air Rhodesia Viscount Flight RH827 (the Umniati) by members of the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) in the former Rhodesia resulting in the death of all on board; further notes that this was the second such shooting down of civilian airliners by ZIPRA and followed the shooting down of Air Rhodesia Flight RH825 (the Hunyani) by the same means on 3 September 1978; further notes that the 107 victims comprised civilian men, women and children, some of whom survived the crash of the Hunyani and were subsequently murdered on the ground by bayoneting and shooting; further notes that the victims included citizens from Switzerland, Scotland, Belgium, New Zealand, the UK and South Africa; recalls that the failure to officially condemn these atrocities, as articulated in the sermon by the late Very Reverend John da Costa known as The Deafening Silence, was an act of moral cowardice and deplores such failure; and commends the work done by Keith Nell and his Viscount Down Team to ensure that these atrocities are not forgotten and their ongoing efforts to alleviate suffering amongst the pensioner community of Zimbabwe.”

How do you feel about that? I know how I feel…howling mad; wild as fire. Bloody ice-cold angry!

Now many of us have many stories to tell – but I utterly commend Keith Nell for telling this one. And I suggest you all read it…it’s one hell of a story! And it is a TRUE telling – backed up by FACTS.

Not resting on his laurels, and with the proceeds of book sales and donations…he and his team finally made a lasting memorial to the all-civilian-passengers of Air Rhodesia Flights RH 825 and RH 827 downed by Sam-7 surface to air missiles.

For details on how to buy Viscount Down see or amazon has a kindle edition for all you e-readers

Heirloom Tomatoes elevate a Pizza Margherita

Very very lovely idea – we have some hairloom tomatoes but I’m generally too mean to do much more than heat and eat them as is….


If applying the traditional definition of the noun ‘heirloom’: “a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations” to fruits and vegetables, the emphasis, I feel, should be placed on the word “valuable.” One thing I know for sure, there are tomatoes … and then there are certain heirloom varieties that redefine the very nature of tomatoes.

It was while living in Virginia, the place where I first started vegetable gardening, that I became familiar with heirloom tomatoes. I discovered then, after experimenting and comparing heirlooms with hybrid tomatoes that, though at times some weren’t as consistent in yield and flavor as, say, the big-tasting, big-yielding Big Boy, there were a few varieties that made any comparison redundant. Take Black Sea Man, for instance, an heirloom tomato patterned in army camouflage (not surprising as its origin is Russian) that we sometimes pick off the vine and eat as if it was an apple. I have never before tasted such flavor and sweetness.

Heirloom tomatoes from the garden.


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18 June 2014 at 16:36

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There are some idiot apologists who say “we need to do SOMETHING” about the attacks in Iraq…Libya and Syria  – “but they’re attacking innocents”… And? Or, so what?

It’s an internecine war of Islam that we should stay well out of!

Some say that “it is our fault, it is OUR CONCERN…for waging war on ‘Innocent Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq’ ”  and utter other well-worn and oft repeated chestnut for their execrable behaviour, to whom I say, ‘but what about attacks on the West BEFORE we went in there…?”

Islam spread from Medina through warfare and hatred, fear and loathing…and Secession from leaders...we’re newcomers to this fight.

In fact, in addition to aid, we’ve spent BILLIONS trying to improve the lot of innocent, ‘peaceable Muslims’; We have not marched in, jack-booted and stomped on their throats for believing in something we do not…We have never attempted to kill anyone ‘just for being Muslim’…

In fact, our forces defend them from their own extremists…who bomb and rampage and generally wage war, and in so doing kill far more than we do of the LEGITIMATE targets, these so-called insurgents in these foreign, far-away battlefields! One of the principal battles in Afghanistan has been for a dam…to supply water to far more than have it at present. To boost agriculture, well-being, self-sufficiency and wealth.

“It’s all about the oil…”  is thoughtless, plaintiff wail of the Liberal hand-wringing lamentable lot who think of themselves as the Intelligensia. They are in fact the minions of the IGNORATI – half Illuminato – half dumb as a box of rocks!

Well, let’s put it this way – we DON’T STEAL THE OIL – we buy it; you cannot eat it nor drink it – it is toxic to all life forms. OIL in-and-of-itself is useless to the denizens of the usually dusty, arid wastelands we support with our custom; We pay a fair price for it so that the citizens of oil-producing nations can benefit from the money raised to buy food, provide water, electricity and other vital supplies such as medicine, and we hope they use it for education and communications…their governments trade oil for that…and they do it from a position of strength; OPEC is one of the few cartels we tolerate – they have us, literally, over a barrel – and they are NOT afraid to hike prices and remind us of that fact!

Imagine their plight if we DIDN’T need oil, and had nothing more to do with people from those lands; no sales – no aid…I’d imagine a lot of ghastly demise…

But, as trading partners, and not ‘robber barons’, we play the game as fairly as they do!

And now, imagining the world without oil – it would not be a choice between walking and taking a gas-guzzling bus; it would probably mean no shoes unless you could make them locally from local substances!

NO OIL MEANS, NO TRANSPORT!  We’d go back to living like Medieval peasants; growing our own food for barter, our own herbs for a cure for all that ails us; no whining about Multiculturalishm, the courts, prisons, Halal meals, specially set aside prayer-rooms etc in schools, hospitals and councils – they wouldn’t exist; if you lived beyond birth you’d be very lucky; no inoculations, antibiotics, statins, chemotherapy or palliative care drugs. No funeral when you died…No travel unless by shanks pony because keeping a horse or a pony would be nigh on impossible…they’d starve without supplementary feeding! We would be as impoverished but STILL better off than those in a lot of oil producing lands…thanks in part to the relative abundance of water.
Our governments have a duty to protect our needs – something we, and it seems they, seem to forget, is that their PRIMARY role is our defence – Not pushing through Gay Marriage (an oxymoron – every marriage is gay – why would miserable people marry?) or complying with the latest lunatic demand by the un-elected and undemocratic EU. That means securing our needs from abroad as much as it does defending our borders from ‘invaders’ (something they might want to try some day!)

So if people twist the truth and try to engage you in their petty arguments, using  this as a basis for defending the indefensible attacks on us by Jihadis (in the name of Islam!) – use this as a basis for your more informed argument – WHY US? Why do we have to step in and put down ISIS, the Assad regime, the Taliban, and oust the dictators that hurt innocent civilians?

Because rich ARAB Muslim power-houses like Saudi etc don’t want to! Because they’re scared to invite this filth into their own back yard and fight the bullies there!

Tony Blair has become a MULTI-MULTI Millionaire himself (and this after he enriched his wife Cherie Booth QC by adopting the Human Rights Law!) by, since leaving office as Prime Minister, working with Muslims on his Middle Eastern Peace Foundation…

We the Tax Payer, and our Armed Forces – are putting into practice what he’s being paid MILLIONS for – protecting the little guys, the runts who cannot do it for themselves – and we get “credible threats to the UK and other Western Nations” for our efforts…?!!?! Hardly seems worth it – or fair!

But, we’re better than those who won’t fight to defend those that cannot defend themselves.
 And we’re infinitely better than a few scummy, weapons-wielding Jihadis mouthing off after massacring the unarmed and surrendered…murdering them in cold blood.

Hell yeah! I’ll take my civilisation over your backward hatred ANY day – and feel morally superior! YES – SUPERIOR! BETTER THAN YOU and all the Dhimmy-apologists! 

Every soldier, and every family member of those soldiers, knows they write a cheque with their bodies to keep the nation safe…but we hope and pray they’re never called upon to cash it! This government wants to send more of our valuable poor youth to lay down life and write off limbs in a way THEY WOULD NEVER DO – nor send any child of theirs to do!

We may feel outraged, and we are hurt; angry and enraged that these thugs do this in a foreign land – for they are NOT decent citizens nor human beings.

We need to close down schools and Mosques preaching hatred for Infidels among whom they have lived and who often pay for their way of life!

Next time some crapulent-whinge-generator with the intellect of a louse and the moral-strength to match gets this tired old chestnut out – lets at least try to reason with the idiots before we walk away irritated…

Have a nice day, y’all!

Oh – And feel free to share this…


IPCC Scientists Knew Data and Science Inadequacies Contradicted Certainties Presented to Media, Public and Politicians, But Remained Silent

there is a significant con in stating the ‘SCIENTIFIC FACT of Climate Change’ when there is indeed no such thing…the fact is in fact a funding bunfight…even though man IS having a fundamentally poor impact on the earth…extinctions, poaching, poor resource-management, unsustainable populations in arid areas etc…but Climate Change? I think not!

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball

I have no data yet. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. Arthur Conan Doyle. (Sherlock Holmes)

There is no more common error than to assume that, because prolonged and accurate mathematical calculations have been made, the application of the result to some fact of nature is absolutely certain. A.N.Whitehead

The recent article by Nancy Green at WUWT is an interesting esoteric discussion about models. Realities about climate models are much more prosaic. They don’t and can’t work because data, knowledge of atmospheric, oceanographic, and extraterrestrial mechanisms, and computer capacity are all totally inadequate. Computer climate models are a waste of time and money. 

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Bees bring bounty to rural families

Adopt A Hive

Without a way to earn a living, many young women from Domborutinhira village were tempted to Mutare city and a life of prostitution.


In 2012, though, the British Embassy got together with a group of young women in the village to start a beekeeping project – with the aim of breaking the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

Dombo Beekeeping Society was helped with funding from Environment Africa, and the results are plain to see. The 12 members now have a sustainable livelihood through selling processed honey and related products.

Environment Africa provided beekeeping training, equipment and woodland management training to help the group run the project sustainably.

Britain’s Department for International Development (DFID) is also funding Environment Africa under the Protracted Relief Programme, through which Environment Africa is supporting another 1,500 households, mostly women, with beekeeping training and equipment throughout Manicaland.

This UK funding has also enabled the setting up…

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